Finnish to English translation: Marjut Hirvonen

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"Underneath every bed lives a teeny tiny Waggamoo clan. The clan is as old as the oldest bed, so at least a hundred thousand years."

Waggamoos are cheerful and amazingly fast. They are also very friendly and gentle creatures, who sleep during the day and come out of their caves at dusk.

Waggamoos Under The Bed is a fantasy world created by Ella Brigatti. Brigatti is a Finnish costume designer and illustrator who also writes.

Hardcover book published in Finnish in September 2014. E-Book is available in English at iTunes and IBooksstore. Book is suitable for children ages 3 - 6.

The first Waggamoos book introduces us to the mysterious world of the tiny Waggamoo clan. Sheltered by darkness they wander out from their caves underneath the bed and set off on their nightly excursion. They get chased by a vacuum cleaner and the family's guard dog. Waggamoos are very strange and the most terrible things make them laugh with joy. This little clan doesn't get discouraged by difficulties and by working together they escape from even the toughest situations. Life is wonderful under the bed!

© Text and illustrations Ella Brigatti

© Poems (Finnish) Tomi Sientola

Layout and cover design: Mikko Johansson

Photography of original illustrations: Nana Hietanen

Finnish to English translation: Marjut Hirvonen

Poems (English): Marjut Hirvonen

© Published by Kultturikioski osk